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Food experiences have always been part of our lives and cultures, with Nonapkin we want to celebrate the process of cooking, sharing and eating food with the world.


Nonapkin is, in a way, a cookbook for the social generation, where anyone can share their passion for cooking, passing on secrets from the past, share the cake from grandma or ideas for the future dishes. With Nonapkin we provide you with the tools to capture what you cook, step by step both in images, text and a place to store and share these recipes.


Not only does Nonapkin look great, it also makes discovering new recipes easy and following other cooks engaging. It is all about food and people who love food.


So no more waiting, let’s get cooking!


About Nonapkin

Hello, we are Nonapkin!


Nonapkin is a cookbook for the social generation, a space for people who love indulging in food, cooking, inventing and sharing, We want to reinvent the way you search, discover and share recipes.


Nonapkin is a free app to discover and share food through step by step photographic recipes, and its all possible through the power of the Nonapkin community.


Who is it for? 

Nonapkin is for everyone who loves food and sharing ideas. Aspiring chefs, upcoming practicing foodies, veterans home-cooks and anyone who wants to experience the joy of cooking and sharing food. Everyone is welcome!


How does it work? 

Use Nonapkin to discover recipes with step-by-step guides by browsing through our homepage of community created dishes.


You can also use Nonapkin while preparing a dish to take pictures of the different steps in creating the recipe.  Add notes to a step if needed, and then publish the completed recipe for other users to find and enjoy.